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To join any of these committees, or if you have an idea for a committee not listed here, please Contact Us and we will forward your request to the chairperson(s). The chairs of each committee are in bold.

Amable SubCommittee
The Amable Subcommittee reviews requests for repairs from the Calle Amable homeowners and makes recommendations to the Rancho San Rafael Board for approval and funding.  Volunteers must own a home on Calle Amable.
Members:        Richard Gardner/Kevin Mintie, Alain Krakirian, Michael Nakama, Marsha Tracy

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)
The ARC ensures compliance with the aesthetic standards established by the Association.  The committee maintains and updates guidelines for all significant exterior changes, reviews and approves Requests for Modification and inspects the development for guideline violations, issues warning letters and presents evidence of violations to the Board for action including the assessment of fines.  Estimated weekly volunteer time is 5-10 hours, including one monthly meeting on the second Monday of each month.
Guidelines, Requests for Modification and other forms can be found in the Architectural Review section of the website here
You may drop off completed forms at the clubhouse or send them to arc@ranchosanrafael.org
Email:             arc@ranchosanrafael.org
Members:        Gheorghe Istrate, Barbara Ching, Ricardo Gonzales, Rose Linda Gonzales, Aram Kazazian, Arbi Mirzaians, Marsha Tracy, HP Wang    
Cal Prop SubCommittee
The Cal Prop Subcommittee reviews requests for repairs for the paired homes on Calles Primavera and Suenos and makes recommendations to the Rancho San Rafael Board for approval and funding.  Volunteers must live in one of the subject paired homes.
Members:         Fay Chu/Norair Edgarian, Rachel Yoo, Robin Libby
Finance Committee
The Finance Committee reconciles the operating and reserve accounts, compares the current year’s actual reserve revenues and expenses to the current year’s budget, reviews the latest bank statements for operating and reserve accounts, reviews the income and expense statement for the association’s operating and reserve accounts, and orders and reviews the annual reserve study.  Estimated weekly volunteer time is 3-5 hours.
Members:         Sudha Gollipudi, Richard Gartner, Aram Kazazian

Landscape Committee
The Landscape Committee works with the staff from Parkwood to inspect the common area vegetation to ascertain what needs to be trimmed, replanted, renovated or replaced.  Estimated weekly volunteer time is 3-5 hours on weekdays, during daylight hours.
Members:     Mike Fitzgerald, Roberta Hagopian 

Maintenance Committee
The Maintenance Committee ensures that all of the facilities and landscaped areas are addressed.  The items include, but are not limited to, slope maintenance, irrigation system repair and replacement, booster pumps, and the maintenance of pool and recreation center equipment, lighting and plumbing.  Also included are fencing, roofs, windows, and painting of the common areas and paired homes.  Estimated weekly volunteer time is 10-20 hours.
Members:     Aram Kazazian, Matt Richards

Pool/Tennis Court Committee
The Pool Committee makes sure that the pool area and tennis court areas comply with applicable state laws, writes guidelines for use, determines when the heaters are turned on and off for the seasons, and when to hire a pool monitor for the summer.
Members:      Norair Edgarian, Sharon Harwood, Marsha Tracy

Community Relations/Recreation Committee
The Recreation Committee has in the past sponsored the Halloween costume party, Winter Holiday party, and the Winter Home Decorating contest.  Estimated time is whatever it takes to plan, set up and clean up… the more volunteers, the easier it can be; and if you’ve got a good idea for a community event, the Board is open to reasonable requests.
email:        community@ranchosanrafael.org
Members:   Sharon Harwood, Elizabeth Jue, Diana Kronfli, Aram Kazazian, Marsha Tracy 

Security Committee
The Security Committee was set up at the request of homeowners to ascertain our vulnerability to crime and solicit ideas for deterrence.
Email:            security@ranchosanrafael.org
Members:       Matthew Conz, Mike FitzGerald, Fred Nazarbegian
Technology Committee
The Technology Committee reviews and implements processes and software for the Association.
Members:       Marsha Tracy, Matthew Conz